Payout Rates
Update Pembayaran: PO#8408 Via DANA Rp 12.000 (089507099xxx) => SUKSES

We pay to all visitors in any country. we count 1 ip address for 1 view in 24 hours

Traffic quality affects the CPM rate, the better the quality of traffic, the higher CPM gets a few percent of the CPM price mentioned below. Similarly, if the quality of traffic is not good, CPM can be reduced by a few percent from the CPM price mentioned below

Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
ShtLink PakeLink
Australia Rp100.000 Rp50.000
United Kingdom Rp120.000 Rp60.000
United States Rp130.000 Rp70.000
Canada Rp120.000 Rp60.000
Germany Rp140.000 Rp70.000
Indonesia Rp60.000 Rp40.000
Japan Rp80.000 Rp40.000
Netherlands Rp120.000 Rp60.000
Singapore Rp60.000 Rp40.000
Malaysia Rp60.000 Rp40.000
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) Rp60.000 Rp30.000